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What I do, for you

If I could show you how to create a guaranteed-for-life retirement income, would you be interested in knowing more about it? Great!  Please read on. What I do for you is specialize in creating a guaranteed retirement income that you cannot outlive.  How does that work?  I take a portion, that’s right a portion not […]


On my mind today . . .

Having said that one thing that is on my mind today is the stock market, and it’s no day at the beach hence the photo of my daughter.  Or as I like to call it, the Wall Street Casino.  In terms of full disclosure, I am not a trader nor do I ever want to […]

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How To Receive A Guaranteed Retirement Income

Many studies have shown that the number one fear that Baby Boomers have, even more than death itself, is outliving their money.  As a Baby Boomer myself, I can fully understand this.  After all, who wants to run out of money when you aren’t able to earn an income anymore?  Why couldn’t you earn an […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope that everyone had a really great Father’s Day. I made a very short video that you will find here on my blog. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to write about what I see as the media’s outright attack on men. Call it Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Left Wing Media or what have you, […]

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