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square-headshotOver the past two decades, Randy J. Mogle has made some dynamic career transitions – all of them connected in some way to helping people at different stages of their lives. From 1995-2000, the Homer City, PA based Mogle – a “Safe Retirement” Advisor since 2008 – was a social worker who worked with children at risk of being placed outside their home. Earning a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, he continued in social work with a master’s level license, helping foster children and their adoptive families meet their goals. Shifting gears in 2007, he launched a career in the insurance business. Finding the idea of “product pushing” frustrating, he agreed to be mentored in the financial services industry by a friend who had started his own firm after working with Mogle at Combined Insurance. Concurrent with this mentorship, Mogle began his career as a retirement advisor, incorporating as Mogle Financial Services, LLC.  Mogle has been successful from his earliest days in the financial business because of his unique ability to educate people as he develops a strong rapport with them. He brings a diverse array of high and low life experiences and a tremendous sense of empathy to every interaction. He has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, obtained a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh,. Unlike many successful financial services professionals who jump into that world right out of college, Mogle took years to “find himself” as a person who loved to help people, first in social work, later in the financial world. When he created the Four Cornerstones as the driving foundation of Mogle Financial Services, he helped understand how they could take their 401(k)s and turn those funds into a guaranteed lifetime income stream via fixed annuities; indexed universal life insurance is more liquid than fixed annuities, with higher caps. He also became a specialist in Medicare, guiding clients through what he called the “Medicare Maze” and teaching them about their option between choosing the Medigap policy and the Medicare Advantage plan – and helping them decide which was better for them. When it came to long term care insurance, he shared the three ways people could pay for their care – cash, insurance or government assistance – and how to work on solutions. With life insurance, the Fourth Cornerstone, he made sure they understood a range of policies, from a “final expense policy” all the way up to a “legacy transfer” by which they could transfer money to their children tax free in the event of their death. While Mogle is excited about the great financial potential of this new phase of his financial services career, he also has strong personal reasons for making the shift as The Retirement Mogle to indexed universal life insurance. My wife works and we have three kids, our eight year old daughter Haley and two foster children, a brother and sister, who are 11 and eight. I need to be home three days a week by 3:45 to get the kids off the bus and take care of them. “Another issue is that while I enjoyed offering comprehensive services, more and more I gravitated towards the idea of being the master of one thing and not a jack of all trades,” Mogle adds. “This new business allows me to focus on this one single thing, at least 90 percent of the time. In the past, I was limited to working mostly with clients in my region in Western Pennsylvania, but with the FMO I am working with providing leads all around the country, the potential for growth is virtually unlimited. It’s definitely a challenge for me because this kind of insurance is different from anything I’ve ever sold before. “Calling myself ‘The Retirement Mogle’ is of course a play on words, but it’s also a way to set goals to myself to embody the other meaning of the word within the retirement planning world.”


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