How To Receive A Guaranteed Retirement Income

Many studies have shown that the number one fear that Baby Boomers have, even more than death itself, is outliving their money.  As a Baby Boomer myself, I can fully understand this.  After all, who wants to run out of money when you aren’t able to earn an income anymore?  Why couldn’t you earn an income?  Maybe you have been diagnosed with a horrible disease that leaves you unable to work.  Or maybe you were in a car accident that left you so injured that you cannot work.  Or heck, maybe you have worked hard all of your life and you just don’t want to work anymore.  The idea of spending time with the grandchildren and spoiling them like you had always envisioned, is what you want.  Whatever the reason there is a way to guarantee your retirement income.  There is more than one way to achieve this goal, but here is one.  Please click here to continue reading.