How To Receive A Guaranteed Retirement Income

Many studies have shown that the number one fear that Baby Boomers have, even more than death itself, is outliving their money.  As a Baby Boomer myself, I can fully understand this.  After all, who wants to run out of money when you aren’t able to earn an income anymore?  Why couldn’t you earn an income?  Maybe you have been diagnosed with a horrible disease that leaves you unable to work.  Or maybe you were in a car accident that left you so injured that you cannot work.  Or heck, maybe you have worked hard all of your life and you just don’t want to work anymore.  The idea of spending time with the grandchildren and spoiling them like you had always envisioned, is what you want.  Whatever the reason there is a way to guarantee your retirement income.  There is more than one way to achieve this goal, but here is one.  Please click here to continue reading.

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope that everyone had a really great Father’s Day. I made a very short video that you will find here on my blog.

Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to write about what I see as the media’s outright attack on men. Call it Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Left Wing Media or what have you, but it’s out there.

A prime example that you may have seen is from AT&T. You can check it out here.   In the commercial you see a group of realtors at an AT&T store shopping for a new wireless plan. The women are all together with the man being off to the side. The women all look very powerful with roughly the same hairdo. And of course we have the new obligatory pretty girl AT&T spokesperson. The man is put off to the side and never says a word. And when the lead woman says, “Let’s close.” He is left not knowing what to do or how to do it. He is portrayed as an outsider to the women and worst of all he is portrayed as an idiot. This is certainly not the first time that this has happened in the media.

Another prime example is Two and a Half Men and Modern Family.

In Modern Family you see a couple where even though the dad is the primary breadwinner he is a doofus with the mom being in charge. I’ve watched the show enough to know about this. Having said that I don’t anymore. In fact I am “lucky” if I watch an hour of TV a day – too many other important things to do.

And it would really be rare to see Adam Sandler be shown as anything but a bumbling idiot.

Nothing personally against these guys – a guy has to make a living. It’s just that the roles that the media demonstrate to the public at large are wrong and misguided.

I am confident that you can think of examples that you have seen either as commercials or television shows. Going back to the AT&T commercial, wouldn’t it have been just as good if the man did the close as well? What would have been the harm in that? I don’t see any.

Be on the lookout for other examples and let me know what you find. It won’t be hard.